Pawbo+ Review

best dog tracker - petechlab

best dog tracker – petechlab

Product Overview

Just like the petcube dog camera. The Pawbo+ is an excellent product, likely best known for its workstations and other registering items. It’s a Wi-Fi-associated pet camera, not at all like the Furbo and Petcube Play we’ve tried previously.

Like the Furbo, the Pawbo+ incorporates a treat-apportioning highlight, so it not just gives you a chance to monitor your textured buddy, yet additionally remotely send them some wonderful tidbits while you’re far from home. Taking the ‘play’ component from the Petcube, it additionally has a laser pointer for keeping your pets engaged. petcube – pickbestpetcamera

While the Pawbo+ consolidates two of its adversaries’ principle includes, the 720p picture quality is somewhat of a disappointment, particularly in low light, and the treat-apportioning won’t not be perfect for all situations.

Plan and Setup

While the Furbo went for a more careful, vase-like outline, the Pawbo looks somewhat like a smiling cyclops with its front focal point and opening where the treats rise. It’s developed from a white plastic that, while feeling somewhat shaky on starting examination, has demonstrated sensibly strong amid testing. My felines have acknowledged there are treats inside and thumped it off my book retire in the night more than once, and each time the Pawbo+ has lived to tell its story.

The Pawbo utilizes a DC jack association, instead of Micro USB or USB-C as observed on numerous other pet cameras I’ve tried. So far that power association has survived those thumps. I say this in light of the fact that the Micro USB jack on the back of my test Furbo has broken, having taken one excessively numerous tumbles in the course of recent months. In the weeks I’ve been utilizing the Pawbo+, it’s been sufficiently versatile to adapt to two underhanded cats.

The back of the Pawbo+ has gaps so you can hang it on the divider, however it’s a disgrace there aren’t any cement cushions included to decrease its odds being knocked off a level surface.

Another all the more disillusioning component is the treat-allocator, be that as it may. Stacking it is somewhat more required than essentially filling the best container of the Furbo (as you would put espresso beans in a processor, for instance). Rather, you need to haul the front component out of the Pawbo+, which uncovers there’s a merry go round inside that is broken into different sections, similar to a Trivial Pursuit piece, where you can put singular treats. You can fit a few in each fragment. The way the Pawbo works is that the merry go round pivots, presenting each section to the opening in front, so the treats can just drop out.

The best dog tracker – petechlab is another product that is specially designed for pet owners.


  • Incredible incentive for all that usefulness
  • Solid application
  • Great two-way sound


  • Disappointing video quality, particularly in low light
  • Loud laser pointer engine
  • Treat-apportioning won’t not be appropriate for everybody